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    1. Jaw CrusherAdvanced processing technique and high-end material are adopted for this rock crusher.
      The active jaw assembly is constructed by high-quality casting steel parts. The heavy-duty eccentric shaft is made of forging stock, making the jaw crusher both reliable and durable.
    1. Ball Mill It comprises of several main parts like feeding part, discharging part, rotating part, transmission part (gear reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electronic controller). The hallow shaft is made from casting steel parts, and its lining is interchangeable.
    1. Belt ConveyorYou can use this conveyor system for both bulk material and packed product in a variety of industries like mining, metallurgy, coal, and so on. According to your needs, our belt conveyor can be used individually or together with other belt conveying machines or different kinds of conveying machine.
    1. Bucket ElevatorThe bucket elevator is an important material conveyor system for the autoclaved aerated concrete block/panel production line. It features big conveying capacity, big elevating height, stable and reliable performance, and long service life. The traction part uses low alloy and high strength round-link chain.
    1. Powder Storage SiloThe power storage silo is quite important for the material storage in an AAC production line. It is suitable for storing dried granule and powder, avoiding the blending-in of moisture and dirt. The features of this powder storing container include small installation area as well as simple loading and unloading process.
    1. Dust CollectorThis dust collector can be used as a dust collecting device at the top or bottom of various storehouse, silo, and conveying machine. The features of this device include good dust collecting performance, simple and compact structure, small size, low height, easy installation, high cost-effectiveness, convenient maintenance procedure, and so on.
    1. Slurry/Powder ScaleA pneumatic butterfly valve is mounted at the hopper. This valve is used for controlling the material flow. Once the powder material entered the hopper, the weight sensors will transfer the weight signal to the weighting display, informing you the powder weight.
    1. Slurry Storage TankAs an important part of our autoclaved aerated concrete equipment, the slurry storage tank consists of silo, gear reducer, mixing spindle, movable frame, and central fulcrum. It is mainly used for storing the prepared fly ash slurry or sand slurry, while a mixing device is available for avoiding sedimentation.
    1. Aluminum Powder MixerThe other type is equipped with an automatic weighing & mixing system as well as a cooling system which is connected with a PLC-based batching system. This aluminum powder mixer is equipped with two 1.5 m³ tanks and a scale.
    1. Pouring MixerIt is a combination of mixing equipment and pouring machine, and can mix all the materials needed in a very short time. For the production line, the main materials in the pouring mixing machine include fresh slurry, waste slurry, lime, cement, gypsum and aluminum powder. According to clients’ and process requirements, our pouring mixer is available in two types, regular speed mixer and high speed mixer.
    1. Up-and-down Pouring DeviceThe up-and-down pouring device is a key unit of the AAC block pouring machine. It comprises pouring nozzle, lifting arm, and air compressor cylinder. It is mounted below the pouring mixer and is connected with the PLC control system. After mixing, the obtained slurry will be poured into the empty moulds.
    1. Pouring Ferry Push CarThe pouring ferry push car is at the batching and pouring section of AAC production line. It is composed of a working station, friction wheel or hooking and pushing mechanism, walking wheel, and positioning device. The ferry push car can stop, position, and get aligned to the rails accurately after rapid transverse movement.
    1. MouldThe mould is a recyclable part for AAC production line. Together with side plate, the AAC block mould or AAC panel mould is used for holding the slurry material from the pre-curing section to the cutting section.
    1. Side PlateSide plate, working together with mould, is a necessary part for an AAC production line. After de-moulding, the side plate carries the green cake to cutting, grouping, autoclaving and packaging. Our side plate is welded by U channel steel, H channel steel, steel pipe and steel plate.
    1. Traction MechanismUsually this hauling device is used for transferring mould in the pre-curing section and hardening car before/after autoclave. The main components of our traction mechanism include motor, steel wire spooler, stretching device, hooking/pushing device, and steel rope.
    1. Holding Pin Inserting and Drawing HoistThe holding pin inserting and drawing hoist is a critical machine for the AAC panel manufacturing. It is mounted below the traveling crane which can drive the hoist up and down. During the AAC panel production, the holding pin inserting and drawing hoist carries the coated reinforcement meshes or cages to an appointed place.
    1. Cutting MachineAs the core equipment in an AAC production line, the cutting machine, comprising a vertical cutting device and a horizontal cutting device, can cut the AAC from all 6 sides. Thus the blocks or panels could be accurately cut into pieces with a certain dimension.
    1. Cutting CarThe AAC cutting car system works around the cutting station. It consists of a cutting car, pinion and rack moving rail. In the cutting section of the AAC production line, this cutting equipment can convey the green cake and the side plate from the turning hoist to the tilting table.
    1. Tongue and Groove Milling DeviceThe tongue and groove milling device can be used for the production of AAC block and panel. Especially in AAC panel production, this device is necessary and critical. The tongue and milling knives are hung on the pillars and can be changed with the panel type accordingly. This procedure is controlled by a PLC system.
    1. Vacuum Suction HoodThe vacuum suction hood is used to clean the waste produced during the AAC production. It is mounted on the vertical cutting machine or handing hole making machine. The vacuum suction hood is used to clean the waste produced during the AAC production. It is mounted on the vertical cutting machine or handing hole making machine.
    1. Tilting TableThe tilting table is installed at the end of the cutting section. By using this equipment, the waste material at the top and bottom of cake can be removed. The tilting table is composed by a table, guide pillar, hydraulic system, and control system.
    1. Traction MechanismThe traction mechanism is very important to the fluent operation of the AAC production line. It can push or haul the mold in the pre-curing section and hardening car before and after autoclaving section. Our traction mechanism mainly comprises of motor, steel wire spooler, stretching device, hooking/pushing device, and steel rope.
    1. Ferry Push Car Before/After Autoclave The ferry push car before/after autoclave is located at the autoclaving section of AAC production line. It consists of working station, friction wheel/hooking and pushing mechanism, walking wheel, and positioning device. The ferry push car can stop, position, and get aligned to the rails accurately after rapid transverse movement.
    1. Hardening CarThe hardening car, located at the autoclaving section, is used for the material conveying in the AAC production line. It can endure the high temperature and high pressure environment in the autoclave, and won’t get jammed or deformed.
    1. AutoclaveThe design drawing is composed by an esteemed designing institute in China according to the related national standards.
      We choose 16MnR steel, a special kind of steel for our autoclave, as the raw material. The rim is planed and beveled. Advanced automatic submerged arc welding equipment and mature welding technique are both adopted.
    1. SeparatorIn this separator, each pair of clamping device can be individually controlled, so the clamping and separating position can be set as you wish. To exert proper clamping force on block and panel, you can adjust the clamp as per your need.
    1. Finished Product Clamping HoistThe lifting and descending movements are led by the guide frame, and the movements are quite stable and precise. After autoclaving, the AAC product will be hanged away from the side plate by our finished product clamping hoist.
    1. Finished Product Conveyor LineThe finished product conveyor line is used for block conveying at the packaging section. As a chain conveyor, it comes with a stack merging device, and works together with the finished product clamping hoist and automatic strapping machine to pack the AAC blocks.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block/Panel Production Line

TEEYER has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of autoclaved aerated concrete production equipment. Our autoclaved aerated concrete block/panel production line comes with latest control algorithms for monitoring material batching, pre-curing, and controlling the later production processes. The whole production line could be divided into several sections including material preparing section, batching and pouring section, pre-curing section, cutting section, autoclaving section, and packaging section.

We have mastered a range of leading technologies in the AAC block making machine. Thus our concrete block/panel production line and each machine of it, and the service come with a lot of choices for you. With these choices, you can produce excellent autoclaved aerated concrete block and autoclaved aerated concrete panel attract more clients.

Feature of the concrete block/panel production line
1. The mold moves up and down together with the system completely synchronically.
2. We have got patent for the driving mechanism which can drive the vibration grilling and the combination movements.
3. The independent integrated hydraulic transmission unit comes with oil cooling system, heating device and rapid compensation mechanism.
4. We purchase the key hydraulic component and electronic component from famous companies.
5. A PLC device and a computer are available for the concrete block/panel production line. The operation interface is quite user-friendly, and the data input/output, and related diagrams are displayed on the screen. All the data related to production and operation could be also recorded.