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Packaging Section

    1. SeparatorIn this separator, each pair of clamping device can be individually controlled, so the clamping and separating position can be set as you wish. To exert proper clamping force on block and panel, you can adjust the clamp as per your need.
    1. Finished Product Clamping HoistThe lifting and descending movements are led by the guide frame, and the movements are quite stable and precise. After autoclaving, the AAC product will be hanged away from the side plate by our finished product clamping hoist.
    1. Finished Product Conveyor LineThe finished product conveyor line is used for block conveying at the packaging section. As a chain conveyor, it comes with a stack merging device, and works together with the finished product clamping hoist and automatic strapping machine to pack the AAC blocks.

As the last unit of our AAC block manufacturing line, the packaging section mainly comprise three machines, AAC block separator, finished product clamping hoist, and AAC block conveyor line, and so on. The highly automized process features high productivity and low labor intensity.