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Autoclaving Section

    1. Traction MechanismThe traction mechanism is very important to the fluent operation of the AAC production line. It can push or haul the mold in the pre-curing section and hardening car before and after autoclaving section. Our traction mechanism mainly comprises of motor, steel wire spooler, stretching device, hooking/pushing device, and steel rope.
    1. Ferry Push Car Before/After Autoclave The ferry push car before/after autoclave is located at the autoclaving section of AAC production line. It consists of working station, friction wheel/hooking and pushing mechanism, walking wheel, and positioning device. The ferry push car can stop, position, and get aligned to the rails accurately after rapid transverse movement.
    1. Hardening CarThe hardening car, located at the autoclaving section, is used for the material conveying in the AAC production line. It can endure the high temperature and high pressure environment in the autoclave, and won’t get jammed or deformed.
    1. AutoclaveThe design drawing is composed by an esteemed designing institute in China according to the related national standards.
      We choose 16MnR steel, a special kind of steel for our autoclave, as the raw material. The rim is planed and beveled. Advanced automatic submerged arc welding equipment and mature welding technique are both adopted.

The autoclaving section is a critical part of the entire AAC production line. It includes traction mechanism, ferry push car before/after autoclaving, AAC hardening car, and autoclave. Aerated concrete blocks will be autoclaved in the high temperature and high pressure environment provided by autoclave, a high pressure vessel.