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Cutting Machine

As the core equipment in an AAC production line, the cutting machine, comprising a vertical cutting device and a horizontal cutting device, can cut the AAC from all 6 sides. Thus the blocks or panels could be accurately cut into pieces with a certain dimension.

1. With a simple and practical structure, this cutting machine is easy to install and maintain.

2. After tilting, the concrete blank stands vertically with the width of 600mm and the height of 1200mm, so the cutting wire can be shorter. The shorter cutting wire is not easy to broke or drift, resulting in more accurate cutting.

3. The cutting car carries the green cake and side plate through the fixed horizontal cutting device and stops under the vertical cutting device precisely. The cutting exchange device jacks up the cake and side plate for vertical cutting. During vertical cutting, the cylinder tension device will swing back and forth. All cutting wires are strengthened by compressed air cylinder.

4. Our cutting machine is equipped with a PLC-based control system and a manual operation station.

5. The cutting speed is adjustable and fast enough to meet high capacity requirement.

Technical parameter

No. Item Unit Specifications Note
1 Production capacity m³/year 10×104~15×104 20×104~25×104 30×104~35×104 Annual production
2 Blank dimension m 4.2 ×1.2 ×0.6 4.8 ×1.2 ×0.6 6.0 ×1.2 ×0.6
3 Cutting precision mm ±2, ±1, ±1 ±2, ±1, ±1 ±2, ±1, ±1 Length, width, height
4 Cutting duration Min/mould ≤5 ≤6 ≤6
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