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Pre-curing Section

    1. Traction MechanismUsually this hauling device is used for transferring mould in the pre-curing section and hardening car before/after autoclave. The main components of our traction mechanism include motor, steel wire spooler, stretching device, hooking/pushing device, and steel rope.
    1. Holding Pin Inserting and Drawing HoistThe holding pin inserting and drawing hoist is a critical machine for the AAC panel manufacturing. It is mounted below the traveling crane which can drive the hoist up and down. During the AAC panel production, the holding pin inserting and drawing hoist carries the coated reinforcement meshes or cages to an appointed place.

The pre-curing section includes several important components like AAC block mould, side plate, traction mechanism, etc. These devices work perfectly with each other, transferring the slurry in the mould to the next section.