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Batching and Pouring Section

    1. Slurry/Powder ScaleA pneumatic butterfly valve is mounted at the hopper. This valve is used for controlling the material flow. Once the powder material entered the hopper, the weight sensors will transfer the weight signal to the weighting display, informing you the powder weight.
    1. Slurry Storage TankAs an important part of our autoclaved aerated concrete equipment, the slurry storage tank consists of silo, gear reducer, mixing spindle, movable frame, and central fulcrum. It is mainly used for storing the prepared fly ash slurry or sand slurry, while a mixing device is available for avoiding sedimentation.
    1. Aluminum Powder MixerThe other type is equipped with an automatic weighing & mixing system as well as a cooling system which is connected with a PLC-based batching system. This aluminum powder mixer is equipped with two 1.5 m³ tanks and a scale.
    1. Pouring MixerIt is a combination of mixing equipment and pouring machine, and can mix all the materials needed in a very short time. For the production line, the main materials in the pouring mixing machine include fresh slurry, waste slurry, lime, cement, gypsum and aluminum powder. According to clients’ and process requirements, our pouring mixer is available in two types, regular speed mixer and high speed mixer.
    1. Up-and-down Pouring DeviceThe up-and-down pouring device is a key unit of the AAC block pouring machine. It comprises pouring nozzle, lifting arm, and air compressor cylinder. It is mounted below the pouring mixer and is connected with the PLC control system. After mixing, the obtained slurry will be poured into the empty moulds.
    1. Pouring Ferry Push CarThe pouring ferry push car is at the batching and pouring section of AAC production line. It is composed of a working station, friction wheel or hooking and pushing mechanism, walking wheel, and positioning device. The ferry push car can stop, position, and get aligned to the rails accurately after rapid transverse movement.

In the batching and pouring section, you can find a range of related machines including slurry scale, slurry storage container, aluminum powder mixer, ball mill, bucket elevator, and so on. The prepared materials will be mixed in a certain ratio, and then poured into the moulds. After years of optimization, the batching accuracy is quite desirable.