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Slurry Storage Tank

As an important part of our autoclaved aerated concrete equipment, the slurry storage tank consists of silo, gear reducer, mixing spindle, movable frame, and central fulcrum. It is mainly used for storing the prepared fly ash slurry or sand slurry, while a mixing device is available for avoiding sedimentation.

The features of our slurry storage tank include easy maintenance, low energy consumption, and remarkably reduced installed capacity. Specifically, the energy consumption of our slurry tank could be reduced by at least 40%, and the fault could be decreased by around 5%. Besides, the material accumulated around the inner wall of traditional silo won't appear in ours. The effective volume of the container is above 100m2, while the planetary driving system is used for the mixing. The silo of our slurry storage tank are available with a wide range of capacity, from 8m3, 20m3, 50m3, 100m3, 150m3, up to 200m3.

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