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Slurry/Powder Scale

The slurry/powder scale is important instrument for the weight batching system of the autoclaved aerated concrete line. It can serve as both a slurry weight scale and a powder weight scale. Its main components include hopper, supporting ring, weight sensor and pneumatic butterfly valve.

The hopper is made from rolling steel plate. The tapered shape makes the material pass through quickly. The supporting ring is also made of steel plate. There are three weight sensors between the supporting ring and the hopper base of the slurry/powder scale. A pneumatic butterfly valve is mounted at the hopper. This valve is used for controlling the material flow. Once the powder material entered the hopper, the weight sensors will transfer the weight signal to the weighting display, informing you the powder weight.

The materials like cement, lime and gypsum are conveyed to the slurry/powder scale by the screw conveyor for weight measuring. The batching of different kinds of material can be achieved by a semi-automatic control system or automatic PLC control system. The slurry/powder scale is also available in semi-automatic type and automatic type.

By the adoption of semi-automatic or automatic control system, the pouring performance is very stable, and the adjusting is also quite convenient. Thus you can improve the product quality and equipment productivity of our AAC production line.

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